Get to know White Beryl, and listen to their new track.

White Beryl is Ishani Lahiri on the vocals, Vishal Chandra at the Guitar, Aditya Mall at the bass and Sagar Arora at the drums. How did they come together, and what are they doing? We asked Vishal Chandra a few questions. Lets find out.

Also, listen to their new single, off their EP, here –

How and when did White Beryl come into being?

Vishal Chandra: White Beryl band was formed in october 2010.

And how did you guys meet up??

VC: We all know each other through internet and we all use to play in other bands , so we use to meet at every gig . When later aditya me and sagar decided to jam, we realized we have a kick ass chemistry.
Ishani use to be a part of artist unlimited and through contacts we had a jam with her and we kicked off well.

The name – White Beryl , how did you come up with that?
VC: Beryl is a precious sea stone which is even use to heal all brain ailments which has no cure and to bring peace to brain, our music is similar it connects with human mind and some how a person feels himself related to this music

Q4.You were on V launch pad , how was that experience to be a part of that event

VC: Well, Playing at Channel V launchpad 2011 with some of the well known bands from the scene made us learn a lot and brought us to the next level. We realized where we are and how far we have to go.

A female lead singer, its been there in the rock scene for a long time , jefferson airplane, paramore and many others, so what is your say on your lead singer Ishani Lahiri?

VC: We don’t see ourselves different from any band because we have a female vocalist, the concept of the band was started with a female vocalist and so it is kept, Ishani is a very talented vocalist, she has learned indian classical as well as western, we were impressed with what she did in our very first jam with her .

In a nation where music is almost synonymous with bollywood , how difficult is it to create a band in india and successfully launch an album?

VC: Honestly, it is nearly impossible, we think people are not aware of different genres of music in India, for an underground band to pick themselves up and be successful is very hard, even now we see well reputed bands scooting out of India for success, we would say rock scene in India is growing, but not at the pace at which new bands are born in India. We hope things get easier for rock bands in India

What is your top 3 fav songs of all time?

VC: Well with 4 people in the band it is hard to choose three songs, but still at the top of our head
1- Highway to Hell – ACDC
2- Are you gonna be my girl – jet
3 – Dig – Incubus

If you were given a chance to bring a rock legend of your choice who would it be and why?

VC: To India? Yes we would love to bring Alter bridge (because we are inspired by the band) and/or Incubus (our music is some what similar to them and of course they inspire us too)

Experimentation – is a thing happening a lot nowadays in the music scene, Korn has released 2-3 songs featuring the Dubstep artist SKRILLEX and many years ago there was also Collision Course by linkin Park and Jay-Z, so merging of these genres, what is your say on that

VC: We think, unless you’re composing good music and if your music speaks right through people , there is no harm in doing so. This even helps both the artist to explore themselves and learn more .

Recenly there were these laws being passed by the european Union and the USA – Sopa and Acta , which was released to limit file sharing and to reduce piracy , so as band who has successfully released an album would you be for it or against?

Obviously against it, it use to be very convenient to spread our music to people who are in India and even outside India in a secured way. This is surely create problems .

Well then the final question – what would be your advice for all those budding rock bands who want to make it big ?

VC: We would suggest them, never give up, keep believing in your music no matter what, it is very hard for any musician to rise up in India, just keep making good music .. keep jaming .. keep playing.

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